Day 726-737 as Mr. & Mrs. Whiting

IMAG5315This summer we went to Morocco. The first two days we spent to drive through France and Spain. We entered Morocco on the third day and IMAG5328we were quite excited. As it was our 2nd year anniversary, we decided to spend two days in Marrakesh. We had booked a nice five star hotel, but unfortunately it was the biggest disappointment during our whole trip. We had horrible air condition smelling like sewage and it was unbelievable hot. We went out to the Medina (markets) one afternoon and the next day we decided to see some of the history of Marrakesh. The next day, we both felt sick, so we went for the short drive instead of driving by a beautiful waterfall. We decided to take care of our health and get well sooner rather than later. IMG_1063We drove over the Atlas Mountains. We did not really get any sunshine, it was like a fog laying over the country the whole time we were there. But it was very beautiful. We drove until we reached Ouarzazate and here we got a two star bed and breakfast which was the best service we’ve gotten in a long time. It was in the end of a beaten track, and when we arrived, we were a little skeptical on what could be inside,IMAG5455 however the inside surprised us. It was like an oasis with a pool and different porches you could decide on which you wanted to be served. We really enjoyed this town and we stopped by the road to buy some stuff to our house and we also managed to go by a rug shop and it was a once in a lifetime experience. We were led to the first floor of the shop where they had all the rugs, and they showed us all different kinds. Two people went to get different rugs after our taste and one folded them out to show us. We were there probably almost an hour before we decided. It was a shame that we forgot to take a picture. Before we left for Morocco, we had a list over what we wanted to buy when we were there, and a rug was one of them. We drove from there to the outskirts of the desert in Merzouga. This was the place for tourists, close to the Algerian boarder, sand everywhere. The hotel was just where the desert started. We slept on the roof in an extra outdoor room built shed IMG_1175that they’d put there. Quite special. Haha.. We heard we had to go on the camel for either a sunset or sunrise, so we did that at 4 in the morning. You should think that in the desert you would have some sunshine, but no, fog and actually rain. Unfortunately we didn’t get the best of sunrises the hours we sat there on the sand dunes awaiting for this amazing sight..

From here we drove into the mountains, and there we saw where we were supposed to sleep, it looked halfway finished, so we relocated and the guy who owned that place brought us to a lady who made the rugs and covers. IMAG5472Unfortunately we had already bought a rug, but we decided to buy a cover for a cushion as this went straight to the maker of the products. Here again, we were on the top of the building and it was actually quite cool as we were around 1400 meters.

The reason we went by the mountains was to see this beautiful Gorge called Todgha. The nature was amazing and we were enjoying the scenery. The next day, we went towards Fez, and Jared looked at the map and found a road that apparently had great views. We drove towards it, stopped an Italian and asked if we were on the right track. Yes, they said, but you should not go this way as you are in this car. He had used over four hours to cross. IMG_1323Someone told my man that he could not do something in a car? Oh boy … So off we went, yes, correct, he did not turn around. So, two hours later, after shaking up and down by bumps and steep hills and curves and all, we survived! Here’s the picture of “We just survived” and very relieved. And no, the view wasn’t worth it, but it’s a great story to tell our future children/grandchildren one day…

When we got to Fes, our car was dirty and of course we had checked IMAG5538into a five star hotel again… And this hotel was amazing! We really relaxed, but we also went into the medina and got some Fes porcelain and we got a good friend who spent an hour around getting the whole set for us. So we went with the taxi two times from the hotel. We really enjoyed Fes and Jared even had a swim in the pool. The last day we were going to see some roman ruins further north in the country, however before we could go, Jared noticed we had a puncture. So he fixed that .. oh and wait, an hour later on the road, we got another one.. Two of our tires in a short amount of time, so now we just hoped it lasted us back to England.

And it did. We got back to Spain where we visited Jareds parents and stayed there for a couple of days before we headed home. A great new adventure with plenty of memories.IMG_1373

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